Some of you have seen his work and some of you have had work done by him. Today’s feature is about Trae of  Xcluzive Autoworkz. Trae has been modifying cars since he can remember. (Trae)” I think it was what I was meant to do.” I personally have known Trae since we were kids and we have always been into cars. He’s went from drawing cars in art class to now making it his daily grind. At his shop they don’t just paint cars but they do remote starts, fabrications, alarms and custom audio (he carries very many brand names in product). Enough about the shop, let’s get some questions answered. MWE had a chance to enjoy a nice ride downtown in one of his pride and joys. The 1996 Chevy Impala SS. (MWE) Man that car road so smooth even sitting on 24′s. DSC0001 The Man behind Xcluzive AutoworkzDSC0002 607x408 The Man behind Xcluzive Autoworkz

(MWE) OK!! First question Trae. What was the 1st car you’ve ever owned and why did you end up getting rid of it? (Trae)I had a 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlas..I got rid of  it cause I beat it to shitaki (lol) (MWE) I can only imagine what you did to that car. (MWE) So the car today that we are in is a 1996 Chevy Impala SS. What are your list of mods that you’ve done to this beast? (Trae) Well let’s start with suspension. I  lowered it 3″. I also installed BMR front and rear sway bars, BMR extended trailing arms, for performance I have a set of Flowmaster exhaust, Raiss intake, and air pump delete. Interior/Audio, I made a custom billet aluminum door pulls, and fully Dynamated with sound deading foam, Boston pro components, custom kick panels (with components), 2 Rockford power 15″ SUBS, 3 Rckford 250.2′S, 2 Rockford 225.2′S, Stinger 10 Farad cap, and a custom trunk audio set up. (MWE) Wow!! No wonder my ears were ringing when I got out of the car. lol. (Trae) As for exterior I have a custom SS style hood, smoked headlights with 8000K HID’s, smoked corner lens, tinted tail lights, shaved rear wheel well moldings, smoothy bumper with custom front air dam, flat black accent, Whelen police issue switchable strobe lights in the front and rear. Also” TUCKIN 24′S!!” (lol)DSC00062 616x383 The Man behind Xcluzive AutoworkzDSC00031 568x408 The Man behind Xcluzive AutoworkzDSC00092 567x408 The Man behind Xcluzive Autoworkz(MWE) So what are your future plans for this build? (Trae) I wanna do  a LS swap (LSX, LS3 OR LQ9 motor) also super or turbo charge it. (MWE) Man that sounds fast. So, how do you feel about the import and modified scene in Iowa?(Trae) It’s OK…. I guess, a lot of people are stuck in the past or stuck on one trend still. Some have no originality. Then when people do have something different from everyone else they get hated on. Iowa definitely needs a dose of the Cali car scene or else things are just pretty much going to get boring around here. (MWE) We here at Midwest Exclusive agree 100%. DSC00071 583x408 The Man behind Xcluzive AutoworkzDSC00101 606x408 The Man behind Xcluzive AutoworkzDSC00112 601x408 The Man behind Xcluzive Autoworkz(MWE) What would be your ultimate dream car? (Trae) The car that I would like to have is a 1971 Chevelle. (MWE) Nice! We hope to see that in the future. (MWE) What do you like to do on your spare time if your not
cruising or working on your car? (Trae) LOL.. What spare time. “Where do they sell that at?” All I do is work on cars. My customers come first. So you’ll usually find me in the shop. (MWE) Last question, who would you like to give a S/O to? (Trae) I would like to give a shout out to everyone that supports my shop, ALL the other local small businesses that are doing their thing regardless of how the economy is here, CENTRAL IMPORTS, IMPORTS USA, and definitely Midwest Exclusive for providing the mid west with something to help pull the car scene back from the dead. OH YEA!! and a special shout out to all the haters in this great state has to offer. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for you guys.. I LOVE YALL!! from the bottom of my heart. BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! (MWE) Well that was a message clear as day. I just want to also say thank you to Trae today for doing what you do best over at Xcluzive Autoworkz. I personally suggest anyone to head down there and get an appointment set up on any of his services.DSC00142 529x408 The Man behind Xcluzive Autoworkz DSC00121 614x408 The Man behind Xcluzive AutoworkzDSC00132 616x340 The Man behind Xcluzive Autoworkz 13 605x408 The Man behind Xcluzive Autoworkz21 616x403 The Man behind Xcluzive Autoworkz31 614x408 The Man behind Xcluzive Autoworkz(photo’s taken by Chineda Sam)

tss The Man behind Xcluzive Autoworkz